Famaco Delicate Gel

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Famaco Delicate Gel 50ml

Famaco Delicate Gel is a gentle, cleansing gel for soft and delicate leathers. Handbags and other small leather goods tend to be made of finer, more delicate leathers so they need the upmost of care. Delicate gel will clean, nourish, and provide an element of protection against light dirt and dust to keep your luxury leather items as good as new. (This is a must have product for handbag lovers!)

The benefits of using Famaco Delicate Gel 

There are many benefits of using Famaco Delicate Gel, some of which we have listed below:
- Non-Chemical scent
- Cooling gel makes for easy and smooth application
- Nourishes leather to retain original texture 
- Makes leather soft and supple - like new
- Highly diverse - can be used for all types of leather
- Cleanses too meaning light dirt is lifted

How to apply Famaco Delicate Gel

- With a clean cloth, apply a small amount of Delicate Gel in small circular motions to leather. 
- Be mindful that less is more with Famaco Gel and you will see maximum results with a light layer of the product
- Leave Famaco Delicate Gel to dry and if needed, buff to a high shine.