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Famaco Multi +

Famaco Multi, is a multipurpose spray which can be applied to ALL materials including suede, patent and leather. Famaco Multi is an all-in-one product which cleans, renovates and polishes. It is a simple, quick and easy, multiuse product which is great on shoes which have more than one material - such as boat shoes. A time saver, Famaco Multi works with just a few sprays. It cleans the material by removing dirt and dust, whilst refreshing the colour and repelling future stains, scuffs and mud.

The benefits of using Famaco Multi + 

There are many benefits of using Famaco Multi +, some of which we have listed below:
- Neutral spray - can be used on leathers of all colours
- 3 in 1 (cleans, renovates, polish)
- Spray formula
- Easy to use 
- Long lasting results
- Incredibly easy

How to apply Famaco Multi +

- Remove dust and dirt with a Famaco horse hair brush
- In a well ventilated room, spray roughly 25cm away from the material and spray in short bursts over the shoe
- Be careful to not overspray
- Leave Famaco Multi to dry for roughly 10 minutes, then finish with a second brush to freshen.